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Full Size Van

Those who need more room, towing capacity as well and wheelchair accessibility may opt for a full size van conversion for wheelchair access.

We also provide quality vans and conversions to comply with D409 standards for group homes, nursing homes, and para transit applications.

The full size van has set the standard in wheelchair access for decades. The versatility of the ‘big van’ allows for many different configurations for wheelchair access. Some of the options available include raising the roof and/or doors to increase headroom and allows seating for multiple wheelchair and passengers. For private use or para transit applications there are many floor plans to suit every need. Lowering the floor up to 6” increases headroom and allows the wheelchair user to ride in the front passenger position or drive from their wheelchair. Of course, riding in the mid row position is always an option.

For some applications, you may not require a raised roof or lowered floor. Simply installing a wheelchair lift in either the side or rear door will be sufficient (depending on headroom required).

  • Extra space for wheelchair access, passengers and luggage
  • Large towing capacity
  • OPTIONAL raised roof and/or raised door for head clearance
  • OPTIONAL lowered floor for increased headroom and the option to drive from a wheelchair
  • Many wheelchair lift choices which can be installed in rear or side doors. Please see our lifting devices section for more information.
  • Remote access including powered doors
The available options for creating access to a full size van are almost endless. We encourage you to contact us while considering the purchase or modification to a full size van. Of course wheelchair height, length and width play a large part in deciding which option is best for you.

Conversions and installation can be performed on the Ford Econoline, Chevrolet Express, GMC Savana and Dodge Sprinter.