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Interior Lifts

Two types of wheelchair lifts can be installed into your vehicle, depending on your specific needs.

The first type is a lift which hoists your wheelchair or scooter into a car, truck, mini van or SUV. These lifts are designed to lift only your mobility device, scooter or wheelchair into and out of your vehicle. There are numerous products available to perform this task, from loading a folding wheelchair into a sedan, to loading a power wheelchair, fully assembled into a mini van or SUV.

One such scooter/wheelchair hoist is the Bruno Curb Sider

The second type is one of the original methods of gaining access to a van. The wheelchair lift can be installed in either the side or rear doors (depending on make and model of the van). Designed for installation into full size vans and some mini vans, these lifts lift both the mobility device and its occupant to floor level of the vehicle. Wheelchair lifts are available in many different configurations, including folding lifts mounted inside the vehicle, to the convenient UVL (Under Vehicle Lift) which maintains the interior space inside.

Whichever lift you choose, it is recommended that you contact us for information regarding compatibility with your vehicle, and to verify the measurements of your mobility device. We are often asked to recommend what type of vehicle works best for wheelchair access. Of course we are pleased to assist in this important decision. Please contact us.