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Exterior Lifts

When interior space is at a premium, or your mobility device does not fit inside the vehicle, maybe an exterior vehicle lift is just the answer!


Pick up truck, vans, sedans and wagons are all candidates for installation of an exterior lift. If your mobility device does not fit inside the vehicle, or you want to leave interior space available for other stuff, installation of an ‘outside lift’ is an option. The ‘outside lifts’ are available in many different configurations depending on the vehicle and the mobility device.

The BRUNO OUTSIDER Meridian is an automatic outside lift that can lift and lock a fully assembled power wheelchair or scooter onto your vehicle in a matter of moments. It is fully powered, no lifting or straining. Other OUTSIDER variations include lifts for folded wheelchairs which are more compact and weigh less. Also available is the OUTSIDER ‘MICRO’ specifically designed for use with small scooters such as the GoGo

Sometimes it is necessary to load a scooter or wheelchair into a vehicle using an exterior hoist that removes from the trailer hitch after use. This sometimes works well when loading a small scooter into a hatchback vehicle when inside space is limited.


The weight carrying capacity of some vehicles may limit the installation of Exterior Vehicle Lifts. It is strongly suggested that you consult with us before making a final purchase of a vehicle and or mobility device with the intent of installing an exterior vehicle lift.